Saturday, January 9

2009 in Review

Stephen's Best of 2009:
*Graduation with Bachelor in Fine Arts (and a Minor in Literature) in May
*Getting a full-time job at Keating in May
*Leaving Keating in August
*Finding an apartment in one weekend in Overland Park in August
*Getting a job at Crossover Graphics in August
*Paying my truck off completely
*Traveling to Colorado to see my Uncle and go hiking and fishing in the Rockies
*Turning 24 (old dude)
*Late Night Trivia at Auntie Mae's with Matt, John, Aubrey, Dillon, Todd, and others
*Kings of Leon concert with the Abandon Kansas boys
*Swell Season concert with Kyle + friends
*Killers concert with Jeremy, Brad and others
*Abandon Kansas includes me in their first released CD on their new label
*Winning tix on the radio to the Jet/Flock of Seagulls/Black Joe Lewis/Ravonettes/White Rabbits concert with Aubrey, Matt
*Minus The Bear/As Tall As Lions concert with Jeremy
*VIP at Spoon/Hockey/Metric/The Bravery concert with Jeremy
*KC Royals game vs Red Sox with Cy Young winner Zack Grienke pitched a shutout
*Becoming roommate with Kyle Gach (then sadly, ditching him for KC)
*ENGAGED to my beautiful girlfriend
*Designing a mural for West Hall 4th Floor (link to old post)
*Dallas Design conference with friends AND getting my poster entered
*Commerce Bank Student Art Show in Manhattan, getting poster entered
*Seeing Abandon Kansas live about 20 times
*Justin's wedding
*Kenny's wedding
*Ali+James wedding
*Applying to Hatch Show Print
*My brother Sam getting Prom Prince
*Another great year with Antony Miguel Cardenas Cortez, my sponsored child

(please feel free to help me add to this list if I'm missing anything!)