Tuesday, February 22

My Life List - 100 Goals

So, I've had this list since I was 18 and I haven't put it online yet. I do update it every now and again with new goals or removing goals I think I may not want to pursue any longer. The top 10 are in order of how I want to complete them, beyond that it is a free-for-all.

100 things I want to do before I die:

1. Learn to play the guitar, and be able to play it well.
2. Read the whole Bible
3. Travel to Australia
4. Be published (magazine or book)
5. Meet George Brett (1-15-10 Shook his hand at Royals Fan Fest)
6. Take a cruise
7. Go fly fishing
8. Become a volunteer firefighter
9. Ride in a limo
10. Ride in a hot air balloon
11. Visit all 50 states (AL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT,

12. Write a book
13. Be a missionary
14. Meet a celebrity (other than George Brett)
15. Go skydiving
16. See the Northern Lights
17. Type 60 words a minute
18. Camp in the Grand Canyon a few nights
19. See a tiger, elephant, bear, or lion in the wild
20. Spend the night in a haunted house
21. Teach a college course
22. Learn how to ride a unicycle
23. Go to the Olympics
24. Go to the World Series
25. Go to the Super Bowl
26. Eat fruit from a tree I planted
27. Sit in the audience of a live TV show
28. See the stone heads of Easter Island
29. Go snorkeling or scuba diving
30. Smoke a cigar (with Brian Scheideman in San Diego CA, 6-13-08)
31. Fly in a helicopter
32. Visit Canada
33. Bury a time capsule
34. Visit England (Big Ben, Stonehenge, etc.)
35. Milk a cow
36. Take a ride on the tallest roller coaster in the US (Kingda Ka, Six Flags - Jackson, NJ)
37. Visit Israel and the Dead Sea
38. Spend the night in a log cabin the woods
39. Visit the Red Wood Forest in CA
40. Pick up a hitch-hiker
41. Own a kayak and use it frequently
42. Try frog's legs
43. Stay up long enough to watch the sun set and rise
44. Take a spontaneous trip on a plane, just because
45. Hike for a week straight
46. Go to Disney World or Land
47. Build a fire without matches
48. Buy stocks in the NYSE
49. Help a homeless person
50. Send a message in a bottle
51. Fire a gun
52. Experience zero gravity
53. Take a taxi in NYC and get a hot dog from a vendor (October 18, 2007 on trip with KSU AIGA)
54. Ride a bicycle built for two
55. Buy an expensive bottle of wine (at least $100)
56. Fall asleep in a hammock on the beach
57. Start a family tradition
58. Go deep-sea fishing
59. See Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge (June 19, 2008 on trip with Abandon Kansas)
60. Have an all-out food fight
61. Dive in a submarine
62. Participate in a murder-mystery dinner party
63. Start and own my own business
64. Climb a mountain over 14,000ft.
65. Run and complete a half marathon
66. Go to all of the MLB ballparks - doesn't have to be in the same season (KC, Detroit, Houston, ChiCubs)
67. Visit a castle in Scotland or Ireland (and Loch Lomond)
68. Travel to Jamaica
69. Ride an elephant or camel
70. Own and operate a bed & breakfast
71. Learn to drive a stick-shift
72. Build the deck and/or porch of my house
73. Go to the World Cup
74. Learn how to swing dance
75. Go to a Broadway play (5-25-05 "Phantom of the Opera" with Shilah Pyeatt and her uncle Dave Muller)
76. Get something patented
77. Start a place where bands can come and play, like the Main Street Cafe in KC
78. Learn shorthand
79. Learn to play the harmonica
80. Own a piece of land that can be my own and my little get away
81. Roast chestnuts over a fire
82. Ride a bull
83. Go to a English Premiere League soccer game (KC Wizards vs Manchester United 7-25-10 Arrowhead Stadium - with Sam)
84. Take classes from a Christian College
85. Ride on a train
86. Coach a kid's soccer team (my own or not)
87. Have a standing Ovation
88. Read the complete works of CS Lewis
89. Be a regular at a restaurant
90. Support a child overseas (8-6-07 Antony Miguel Cardenes Cortez - Peru - thru Compassion International)
91. Go to Cooperstown
92. Swim in a shark cage
93. Take a real road trip and live on the road - (20 days, June 6 - 26, 2008 with Abandon Kansas)
94. Go gambling at least once (8-17-07 Harrah's in Kansas City - $10 on Black Jack - went with KSU roomie Chase Higgins - first and only time I've been)
95. Go hunting (deer, pheasants, quail, etc.)
96. Stomp grapes, then drink the wine
97. Drive across the Seven Mile Bridge - Florida Keys
98. See Garrison Keillor live (McCain Auditorium - KSU - 9-22-08 with Paige Hartman)
99. Marry the girl of my dreams (8-7-10, Wichita KS, Central Christian church to the beautiful miss Paige Marie Hartman)
100. Complete this whole list